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Sunday, March 20, 2011

DCD 112 - Alain Organ Music

James Higdon is well-qualified to perform the music of organist/composer Jehan Alain. He's a recognized authority of the French organ repertoire, and studied with Marie-Claire Alain, the daughter of the composer and one of the stars of the organ world.

Higdon recorded Jehan Alain's complete works for organ, performing on one of the few instruments in this country that matched the original registrations Alain had in mind.

A master musician performing works he intimately understands on an instrument perfectly suited for the music. What more could anyone ask for?

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 - Ralph Graves

This program we play excerpts from Jehan Alain: Complete Works for Organ, Vol. 2 with James Higdon

Alain: Variations on a Theme of Clement Jannequin

Alain: Prelude et Fugue

Alain: Deuxieme Fantasie

Alain: Variations sur Lucis Creator

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