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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DCD 033 - The "Make Good" Show

In radio, if a spot isn't run at its scheduled time the advertiser gets a "make good" airing. That means the spot is run later to make up for the missed airing. It also means the radio station doesn't have to refund part of its charge to the advertiser!

This episode of our podcast is a "make good" program. All the works featured were originally intended to be included on previous episodes, but had to be rescheduled for the best of all reasons -- the arrival of brand new releases to share.

The John Biggs composition was originally to run in program 031, but an influx of new releases from Con Brio pushed it further back in the production schedule.

Program 031 featured a selection from volume one of Patrick Beckman's "American Scenes," and I wanted to follow up in program 032 with a track from volume two. A shipment from Laurel Records turned that program into a Laurel new release program, and the Beckman piece was rescheduled.

And speaking of Laurel, I couldn't do a proper overview as we only have room for three of their four new releases. So this program we finish up the Laurel new release feature we started in the last show.

As you'll hear, none of these works were bumped because of quality -- there simply wasn't enough room. But there is in this program!

- Ralph

This program we play:

Biggs - "Bonjour mon Coeur” and “Mia benigna fortuna” from Songs for Baritone and Cello

James Kenney, baritone and Virginia Kron, cellist
Consort Press

Beckman - Nashville, Adagio and Hoedown
Patrick Beckman, piano
Con Brio Recordings

Bloch: Suite No. 2 for solo cello, mvts. 3 & 4
Parry Karp, cello
Laurel Records

Monday, October 08, 2007

DCD 032 - Two From Laurel

We recently received three new releases from Laurel Records, all featuring the music of Ernest Bloch. Two of these recordings feature the Pro Arte Quartet, and complete their traversal of Bloch's string quartets. In addition, these releases also have both of Bloch's piano quintets.

This episode of the "DCD Classical 'Cast" features selections from these releases.

These works are all fairly lengthy, so rather than present some inconsequential excerpts, I decided to program two large movements. If you're not familiar with Bloch's chamber music, this will give you a good idea of the scope and quality of his compositions.

Next program we'll have something from the third new Laurel release.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Bloch: String Quartet No. 1, Movement 1

Pro Arte Quartet
Laurel Records

Bloch: Quintet for Piano & Strings No. 1, Movement 3

Pro Arte Quartet; Howard Karp, piano
Laurel Records