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Sunday, February 11, 2007

DCD 019 - Philippine Treasures

VGo Records released "Philippine Treasures" by guitarist Angelo Favis a number of years ago. They've finally released a second volume in the series, and this program we showcase selections from both discs.

We also continue our look at the New York Latvian Concert Choir's catalog. This time we present two movements from "The Sea," a monumental work for chorus and orchestra by Latvian composer Alfreds Kalnins. Kalnins was perhaps Latvia’s most prolific composer, with over 500 works to his credit.

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- Ralph Graves
President, DCD Records

Kalnins: The Sea

1. Hymn in Praise of Neptune
2. The Sea's Great Voice
Latvian National Opera Orchestra; Latvian Radio Choir; Consum Choir; Verisja Choir: Adrejs Jansons, conductor

Philippine Treasures, Volume 1

Ay Kalisud (traditional)
Paterno: Sampaguita
Angelo Favis, guitar

Philippine Treasures, Volume 2
Cavatina by Nicanor Abelardo: Cavatina
Juanito Gonzales Angus: Usahay
Angelo Favis, guitar