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Monday, February 27, 2006

DCD 002 - Artist-run labels

Our second podcast continues our survey of the independent classical labels we carry. This time, we focus on artist-run labels. In order to have the freedom to make (and record) the music they want to, some artists create their own record labels.

Vanity projects? If these were self-taught amateurs, perhaps. But when the performer is a professional musician who has gone through intense training for a career in classical music — I think not. At their best, self-recorded artists can deliver exciting, deeply personal performances that can't be found anywhere else.

To demonstrate that point, we play the following selections:

DeGaetano: Crystonyx - Robert DeGaetano, piano

Bach: Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001 (Adagio and Fuga) - Garrett Fischbach, violin

Beethoven: Romance in F major, Op. 50 - Patricia McCarty, viola; Martin Amlin, piano
(Ashmont Music)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DCD 001 - Welcome to DCD Records

Our premier podcast provides a sampling of the independent classical artists and labels carried by DCD Records. This program begins a survey of the labels associated with DCD Records. We play the following selections:
Bach: Allein Gott in der Hőh sie Ehr' BWV 662
James Higdon, organ
(DCD Records)

Gade: Tango–Fantasia
Vieri Bottazzini,flute; Lilian Tonella, piano
(Callisto Records)

Biber: Passacaglia for solo lute
Boris Gaquere, guitar
(VGo Recordings)

Gibbons: Magnificat
Convivium Musicum
(Musica Rediviva)