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Saturday, September 15, 2007

DCD 031 - A Cornucopia of Con Brio

About the time I was starting to work on program #31, a batch of new releases arrived from the Con Brio label. With more than enough material to fill an edition of the DCD Classical 'Cast, deciding to turn the program into a Con Brio showcase seemed only natural.

We begin with two selections from Noëlle Compinsky Tinturin's release "American Portraits: Piano Music by American Composers." Also on the program is a work written for the phenomenal tuba virtuoso Barton Cummings, with Cummings (who commissioned the work) performing.

And we end with something from "American Scenes, Volume 1" by Patrick Bechman. This accomplished pianist/composer created and recorded a series of musical impressions of several American cities. This program we play a selection from volume 1, and next time we'll have something from volume 2.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Turpin: St. Louis Rag
Noëlle Compinsky Tinturin, piano
Con Brio

Delmonte: Night on the Pampa
Noëlle Compinsky Tinturin, piano
Celine Grietzen, cello

Grundman: Tuba Rhapsody for Tuba and Band
Barton Cummings, tuba
Con Brio

Bechman: Memphis Toccata
Patrick Bechman, piano
Con Brio