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Thursday, March 10, 2011

DCD 111 - Teatro Imaginario: Scarlatti Sonatas

The VGo label specializes in high-quality classical guitar recordings -- with one exception. They also released a harpsichord recording, done with the same high production values as the rest of the VGo line.

The disc, entitled "Teatro Imaginario" features fifteen harpsichord sonatas by Dominico Scaraltti

Patrice Mathews is a well-known harpsichordist, and has a solid reputation both as a soloist and as an in-demand player with early music ensembles. The disc presents some of Scarlatti's most popular harpsichord sonatas (out of the 550 he wrote). In this podcast we select four from the album, sort of a "best of the best."

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 - Ralph Graves

This program we play excerpts from "Teatro Imaginario: Scarlatti Sonatas" with Patrice Mathews

Scarlatti: Presto in A major, K. 4

Scarlatti: Allegro in E minor, K. 147

Scarlatti: Allegro in C-sharp minor, K. 247

Scarlatti: Allegro in A minor, K. 532

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