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Monday, December 20, 2010

DCD 106 - William Bergsma: Complete Piano Music

American composer William Bergsma didn't write much for solo piano. In fact, only three such works are represented in his catalog. Pianist Jill Timmons studied with Bergsma, and in the early 1990's recorded his complete output.

The three works benefit from Timmons' insights and discussions with the composer. In this podcast episode of the DCD Classical 'Cast we sample selections from the three compositions found in this outstanding Laurel Records release.

The longest work, "Tangents" is a series of short piano pieces collected together to make a suite. Bergsma used these sketches as a way to work out themes for his opera The Wife of Martin Guerre.

The other two works might be considered "pure" piano pieces. The Three Fantasies are short, engaging works for piano. The Piano Variations is a more involved work that thoroughly explores an original theme. 

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- Ralph Graves

This episode we play selections from William Bergsma: Complete Piano Music, including:

Tangents - Fanfare and Philosopies

Three Fantasies for Piano, Nos. 2 & 3

Piano Variations, Variations 5-9 and coda

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