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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DCD 103 - Beethoven: Early Dance Music

This episode we take a closer look at a release we've had before on the DCD Classical 'Cast. Monument Records is dedicated to recording music by Beethoven -- but not just any music. They're after the unusual, the obscure, the under-recorded and sometimes never recorded works by Beethoven.

The release, Beethoven: Early Dance Music, features three such works. The Ritterballet, Hess 89 and the Twelve Minuets for Piano, Hess 101 received their world recording premier with this CD.

The Ritterballet was composed when Beethoven was still in Bonn. While originally for a small orchestra, this incidental music to a "Knight's Play" was later arranged by Beethoven for the keyboard (which is the version included on this release).

In 1796 Beethoven was invited to provide dance music for a charity ball held in Vienna. He composed twelve minuets and twelve German dances for the occasion. All twenty-four of these short, charming dance pieces are included on this recording.

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- Ralph Graves

This episode we play:

Beethoven: Musik zu einem Ritterballett for piano, Hess 89, Nos. 1-5
Stephen Beck, piano
Monument Records

Beethoven: Twelve Minuets for piano, Hess 101, Nos. 4-7
Stephen Beck, piano
Monument Records

Beethoven: Twelve German Dances for piano, Hess 100, Nos. 8-12
Stephen Beck, piano
Monument Records

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