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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DCD 090 - Mr. Arbeau's School of Dancing

The "Orchesographie" of 1589 was an important work for Thoinot Arbeau. His goal was to provide the complete manual for the understanding and proper execution of French courtly dance. It included diagrams, detailed descriptions, and music. Mr. Arbeau's work has become one of the primary sources for our understanding of 16th century dance and popular music.

This podcast we play selections from Musica Rediviva's two-CD survey of Arbeau's work. The Convivium Musicum perform on instruments of the period, giving the full flavor of this music from a past age. We feature selections from Volume II of Mr. Arbeau's School of Dancing.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Set 1:
Pavane d'Espagne/Dance du roy (Susato)
Galliarde: La Traditore (Ammerbach)
Galliard: La Traditore (Arbeau)
Volte (Arbeau/Attaingnant)
 Convivium Musicum
Musica Rediviva

Set 2:
Three Gaillardes (Arbeau)
Chanson: Si par Souffrir (Gallus)
Pavane: Si par Souffrir (Susato)
Gaillarde: Si par souffrir (Berger)
Canaries (Arbeau/Negri)
Gavottes (Caroubel)
 Convivium Musicum
Musica Rediviva

Set 3:
Branle du Hault Barrois (Arbeau/Gervaise/Moderne/Phalese)
Pavane: La Dona (Susato)
Gaillard: La Dona (Susato)
Branle du Chandelier (Arbeau)
Les Bouffons (Arbeau/Phalese)
 Convivium Musicum
Musica Rediviva

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