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Friday, October 10, 2008

DCD 054 - An Orchestral Omnibus

This edition of the DCD Classical 'Cast we feature a selection of orchestral works -- perhaps as a way to balance out our two previous programs of solo violin music!

Arnold Rosner is an American composer who still (in our opinion) doesn't receive the amount of recognition his music deserves. This time we feature an excerpt from his opera "The Chronicle of Nine," a dramatization of the nine-day reign of Lady Jane Grey. As you'll hear, Rosner captures the spirit of the Tudor period while still using a modern orchestral language.

We also play Earnest Bloch's "Scherzo Fantastique" for piano and orchestra. It's a real showpiece for both soloist and ensemble. And we finish with Luciano Simoni, an Italian composer whose lyrical music relishes the sonic beauty an orchestra can create.

- Ralph

Arnold Rosner: Prelude to Act II of "The Chronicle of Nine"
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra; David Amos, conductor
Laurel Records

Ernest Bloch: Scherzo Fantastique for piano and orchestra

Michah Yui, piano; London Symphony Orchestra; David Amos, conductor
Laurel Records

Luciano Simoni - Symphony No. 4 (final movement)

Targu-Mures Philharmonic Orchestra; Romeo Rimbu, conductor
Inedita Records

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