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Thursday, July 24, 2008

DCD 049 - American Composers

This episode we sample works from three American composers. One is very famous, and the two others deserve to be.

We start with Samuel Barber (he's the famous one). The "Adagio" movement of his String Quartet Op. 11 is well-known throughout the world. We play the opening movement from this outstanding work, and hope listeners will eventually listen to the entire composition as Barber originally intended.

I confess that Arnold Rosner is one of my favorite contemporary composers. His blend of medieval and modern seems perfect for the time, creating a rich, melodic music that moves at a slow, stately pace. We feature his appropriately named "A Gentle Musike."

Enst Bacon was something of a character. This Chicago-born composer wrote over 250 artsongs, as well as many other compositions. He also led something of a rough-and-ready life, and his self-taught compositional style gave his music a distinctively American and individualistic voice. We play part of his violin sonata in the program.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Samuel Barber: String Quartet, Op. 11, mvt. 1

DTR Records

Arnold Rosner: A Gentle Musicke, Op. 44
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra; David Amos, conductor
Laurel Records

Ernst Bacon: Sonata for Violin and Piano
James Greening-Valenzuelam violin; John Walker, piano
Con Brio Records

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