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Monday, May 26, 2008

DCD 045 - Boston Guitar Fest

The Boston Guitar Fest is quite a prestigious event. A joint project of Northeastern University and the New England Conservatory, it's a week-long celebration of the guitar and guitar artistry. One of the high points of the Boston Guitar Fest is the juried performance competition.

One of the prizes for that competition is a recording with VGo Recordings. In 2006, there were two co-winners, but lasts year there was one standout performer -- Christina Pérez Madiedo.

This episode of the DCD Classical 'Cast we sample selections from Madiedo's prize recording, as well as revisit tracks from the previous year's co-winners, Steve Lin and Joseph Williams, II.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Antonio Lauro: Seis por Derecho
Cristina Pérez Madiedo, guitar
VGo Recordings

Agustin Barrios: Sueno en la Floresta

Cristina Pérez Madiedo, guitar
VGo Recording

Alessandro Scarlatti: Sonata K. 96 (arr.for guitar)
Joseph Williams, II, guitar
VGo Recordings

Manuel Llobet: Scherzo-vals
Steve Lin, guitar
VGo Recordings

Leo Brouwer: Guitar Sonata (final movement)
Cristina Pérez Madiedo, guitar
VGo Recordings

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