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Friday, August 10, 2007

DCD 029 - Summertime Fare

We're in the middle of an August heatwave here in Virginia. So this program presents three selections for light summer listening. We start with an unusual lute duet recording by John Schneiderman, then go to a sampling of some short Brahms piano works, and finish with an 18th century concerto for double bass.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Hagen: Duetto in C minor for two lutes
John Schneiderman, lutes
VGo Recordings

Brahms: Capriccio in F-sharp minor; Capriccio iun B minor; Intermezzo in A-flat major, Op. 76
Vera Breheda, piano
Con Brio

Kohaut: Concerto in D major for double bass
Carmine Laino, double bass; Pierfrancesco Borrelli, harpsichord
Inedita Records

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