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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DCD 026 - Some American Classics

Notice the title says "some" American Classics. We begin this episode with another installment of our Monument Records survey. In addition to releasing under-recorded works by Beethoven, Monument's also concerned about other works from the classical era that deserve more attention. In this podcast we present a selection from their CD "Masters of the Classical Keyboard."

The other two works on the show are American, and thus the title. Daron Hagen composed his "Concerto for Brass Quintet" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Music. As an alumni of the school, I'm sure it was a commission he was happy to fill.

Our final work comes from Sheila Silver. We were able to obtain some now out-of-print recordings of her earlier work, and will offer them as long as our stock lasts. Supplies are limited! We close the program with the final movement of her chamber work "To The Spirit Unconquered."

- Ralph

Neefe: Sonata XI in D major

Stephen Beck, piano
Monument Records

Hagen: Concerto for Brass Quintet

Wisconsin Brass Quintet
University of Wisconsin Madison School of Music

Silver: To the Spirit Unconquered

Guild Trio

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