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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DCD 023 - Allegri and Mozart

Gregor Allegri's Miserere at one time could only be performed in the Sistine Chapel for the exclusive pleasure of the Pope. That lasted until a very young Mozart heard the work performed, and wrote it down afterwards completely from memory. After that, the monopoly was broken, and Miserere became an important part of the choral repertoire.

This program we feature a performance of Allegri's masterwork, as well as a piece by his nemesis, Mozart.

We also continue our series showcasing Monument Records. Their catalog of under-recorded and world premiere recordings of Beethoven's music is remarkable indeed.

- Ralph

This program we play the following:

Beethoven: Nine Contradanses, Hess 102
Steven Beck, piano

Allegri: Miserere
The Seattle Pro Musica; Karen P. Thomas, conductor

Mozart: Violin Sonata in F major, K.46D
Gary Levinson, violin; Eugene Levinson, bass

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