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Monday, January 15, 2007

DCD 017 - The King of Instruments

This year we've resolved to do even more with our podcasts in 2007. The subscriber base continues to grow, and we've noticed an increase in foreign listeners. Welcome!

Our goal is to increase the production schedule for these podcasts, and we hope to begin enhanced podcast feeds this month as well.

This first podcast of 2007 features organ recordings from various labels. Notably missing is the music of J. S. Bach -- we'll have a special Bach program later on this year. Instead, you'll be hearing other composers who've made important contributions to the organ repertoire.

The DCD Classical 'Cast is now listed in the podcast section of If you're a user of this site, please take a moment to drop in and vote for this podcast or one of its episodes. I'd be surprised if we made it to the top of the charts, but each vote raises the profile of the DCD Classical 'Cast. And that, my friends, indirectly helps the independent classical labels that graciously provide the music you enjoy.

- Ralph

This program we play:

Nivers - Le Prelude du Premier Ton (last three movements)

James Higdon, organ
DCD Records

Mozart: Andante in F
Naoko Imai, organ
Musica Rediviva

Alain: Prelude and Fugue

James Higdon, organ

Klarg-Elert: Symphonic Chorale, Op. 87 No. 2 (final movement)

Joseph Jackson, organ

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