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Saturday, September 30, 2006

DCD 012 – Nighttime in Virginia, or “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

Usually there’s a very slender window of time open for me to record the DCD Classical ‘Cast. As I was setting levels, I heard a cricket singing loud and clear in the corner of the studio. I wasn’t able to track him down, and given the choice of delaying the recording for a couple of weeks or plunging ahead and hoping the mic wouldn’t pick up the sound, I chose the latter. While I didn’t really hear it on the headphones, Jimminy came through loud and clear on the final recording. I apologize, and can only hope that with the change in weather, this will be a one-time problem.

This program features works that range from solo piano pieces to full orchestral movements. We also share a few selections from our top-selling recording for August, 2006. Which release is it? You’ll have to listen – it’s not listed in the show notes below.

- Ralph Graves
President, DCD Records

This program we feature the following:
Gottschalk: “Souvenire de la Havane”

Bliss: String Quartet No. 1 in B flat major, Mvt. 4 Vivace


Rosner: “Motet,” from Five Meditations, Op. 36
Laurel Records

Three selections from the DCD Top of the Charts for August, 2006

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